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What's New


We were recently selected by the Oakland Housing Authority as a provider for Commercial Building Inspection services!



Current News


We are currently teaching a course in Architectural Design and Green Technology to a group of local students.  Each student designs their dream home, incorporates green design techniques into the building, and builds a scale model of the home.



Recent News


We recently completed a design/build project for the MCAS Training Center in Miramar, California, and have been approved by the SBA as the lead firm in a Joint Venture design/build project for the US Navy.




About Us



Michael Kee & Associates Architects was founded in 1991 with the desire to provide quality services to our clients at a fair price.  With over twenty years of experience in the architectural field, we are able to draw on our experience and apply that knowledge to our current projects.


Team Approach

At Michael Kee & Associates Architects we work collaboratively with our clients, consultants, and contractors to make them a valued team member and contributor to the success of the project.  Through mutual trust and open communication we are able to work towards the overall goal of a project that is completed on time, within budget, and with limited changes.


Our clients know that they can reach us and that we will be responsive to their needs.  We work hard to meet our clients time constraints, and generally, once we make a commitment to a time schedule we stick to it.  We know that there are many factors that affect a projects schedule, and we make sure that we are not an obstacle to that schedule.



Michael Kee & Associates is committed to recruiting, hiring and training employees that are driven to succeed and have a similar commitment to ours.  We seek to find others who are committed to serving their community through good design, community service, and empowerment.