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El Matador Restaurant, Pittsburg, California

Michael Kee & Associates was selected to design the El Matador Restaurant facility which is located in Pittsburg, California.  The $1.2 million, 5,800 square foot facility includes a full commercial kitchen, and dining capacity for over 100 patrons. This signature building was developed in an area which will soon become a major transit hub, with housing and additional commercial buildings nearby. 

The El Matador Restaurant is one of the largest free-standing dining establishments in Pittsburg. The Restaurant has allowed the Owner, who currently operates a small fast food establishment to expand his business with an additional dining option for patrons.  Michael Kee & Associates provided full architectural services for the restaurant.  For this project, Michael Kee & Associates scope of work included development and production of the conceptual plan, representation of the Owners interest at Planning Commission meetings, and proceeded through construction documentation. 

With high visibility from both the street and the adjacent freeway, this project exceeds the typical efforts of the industry and has resulted in an amenity which will visually enhance the community while providing a great experience for patrons of the restaurant.



San Leandro Masonic Lodge, San Leandro, California 

The City of San Leandro hired Michael Kee & Associates to provide professional services as part of their design assistance program for local businesses.  This program provides property owners with an idea of how their building can be transformed.  Upon completion of the design, the property owner may contract with the architect to provide full services. 

The project involved designing fa├žade renovations to the building in order to provide a more historic look to the lower floor of the building and replacing windows at the upper floor to invoke a more historic image.  Michael Kee & Associates provided evaluation of existing conditions and utility service, and design services for the building renovation and remodeling.


US Coast Guard, Dept. of Homeland Security

Michael Kee & Associates Architect was selected when the Civil Engineering Unit of the US Coast Guard required immediate assistance with their Computer Aided Drawing (CAD) services and Document Management Services.  Projects involved light commercial, industrial, waterfront, recreation, institutional, administrative, residential, and special purpose facilities such as aircraft fueling, communications stations, air stations, and waterway aids to navigation structures.  File management of drawings and documents required us to become familiar with the USCG data management system, CG-TIMS (Adept), in a very short timeframe.  All assigned projects were completed with 100% satisfaction and accuracy, leading to an evaluation rating of 'Excellent' for our performance.

Antioch Indoor Sports Center, Antioch, California

Michael Kee & Associates was selected to design the new Antioch Indoor Sports Center. This signature building was the ambitious vision of the property owner and is situated adjacent to State Highway 4 in Antioch, California.

The building has been designed to accommodate the owners purchase of an existing metal framed building but add new exterior siding, storefront windows and fenestration to produce a unique building which provides recreational opportunities for the community.

Michael Kee & Associates provided architectural services for the building, including coordinating consultants work.  The project had to overcome many obstacles in order to receive planning and design review approval.  Several variances were required for this project as the building is located on a small site.  Through extensive collaborative efforts by the City of Antioch, the public, and the owner, the design was approved and construction completed in 2009.  The Antioch Indoor Sports Center is now an important asset to the community, with activity occurring seemingly around the clock.


Faith Worship Center, Pittsburg, California

Michael Kee & Associates provided architectural and engineering services for the new Faith Worship Center which is located In Pittsburg, California.  The church has been in Pittsburg for many years, but was displaced by widening of the nearby freeway, and had to find a new location.  Fortunately a vacant parcel nearby was available and the church was able to remain in the community where they had already built a strong foundation.  The new facility includes 3,700 square feet of office/meeting space, 6,700 square feet of sanctuary space, classrooms, a fellowship hall, and kitchen areas.

The facility is the first freestanding church built within the City of Pittsburg in many years and will provide the members of the church with a strong base from which to serve the community.  Michael Kee & Associates provided architectural and engineering services for the church.  The scope of work included production of the conceptual plan and proceeded through planning approval and construction documentation.

Wells Fargo Building, Pittsburg, California      

After successfully completing a previous project for this owner, Michael Kee & Associates was again selected to design the renovation of the Wells Fargo Building which is located in Pittsburg, California.  The two story 10,000 square foot facility includes a mezzanine that was illegally constructed by the City many years ago and required upgrades to the building in order to become a legally permitted use. 

The building is historic in nature and the streetscape is aligned with the master plan of downtown Pittsburg.  For this project, Michael Kee & Associates scope of work included documenting and assessing the existing conditions, including ADA deficiencies, meeting with City officials to determine areas in need of repair in order to become code compliant.  Renovations to the building included providing ADA compliant multi-user restrooms and exiting from the second floor of the building, providing electrical and HVAC systems for the second floor. 

One of the major challenges was the installation of multi-user, ADA compliant restrooms on the second floor of the building in an area where no plumbing was available. This was accomplished by working closely with our consultant to identify the best solution to the problem without disrupting the existing operation of the building.

Keswani Residence, Fremont, California

The owners of a small single story home decided to demolish the existing building and design a new two story home to accommodate their growing family.  Michael Kee & Associates was hired to provide full architectural services for this new home.  During the design process we worked with the City of Fremont to establish a design which was compliant with the cities planning and zoning regulations and allowed this two story home to blend into a neighborhood with many single story houses.  We also worked with the owner early in the process to hire a contractor in order to help control construction costs and provide design input.  The completed project is a source of pride for the owners, and provides them with a perfect setting for their family.





Carpenter Residence, Oakland, California

The Carpenter residence was a home reconstructed from the 1991 Oakland Hills Firestorm.  It is a Mediterranean style home which features a grand entry stair, and heavy timber ceilings and eaves.  Designed to provide a sense of instant history, this beautiful home contains several decks and terraces to take advantage of the dramatic view of the bay and the city skyline.  Wood flooring, spacious rooms, and a foyer which contains a granite column made this home one of the most popular on the Phoenix Journal Home Tour. 








Ellinwood ADA survey

Michael Kee & Associates Architects was contracted to perform an assessment of two commercial buildings to determine compliance with ADA guidelines and prepare a written report identifying areas of deficiency.  The project involved analysis of the existing buildings and grounds for compliance with ADA guidelines in the following areas:

  • Required parking 
  • Accessible entrances
  • Path of Travel (hallways & stairs)
  • Restrooms
  • Drinking Fountains
  • Telephones


Areas of the building which were found to be deficient and not in compliance with ADA guidelines were noted in a report prepared as part of the services.  This report recommended improvements and provided probable costs necessary to bring the property into ADA compliance.

Ramar Foods, Pittsburg, California

Renovation and expansion of a former grocery store and skating rink into a food processing plant with USDA approved facilities.  The owner of a local Philippine food company expanded their business by purchasing a former skating rink adjacent to their administrative offices renovating the building to include additional food production capacity and expand their growing business.  Services included documentation of existing conditions, design of renovation, coordination of professional team, presentation of project to Planning Commission for approval.  This project was completed on time and within budget.